Rockin’ Gospel

Special Thanks to the Special Friends that made "Rockin' Gospel" possible.
John Gorski - Lawton, OK; Mike Bramlett - Dallas, TX; and J. R. Webster - Moore, OK.

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1Oh Come AlongSample Rockin' Gospel album SampleThe Devil's In The Phone Booth5
2Can He, Could He, Would HeSample SampleMovin' Up To Gloryland6
3Raise The RoofSample SampleAn Old Convention Song7
4He's Been So Good To MeSample SampleThe Rocks Shall Not Cry Out8

To order on cassette tape, send check or money order for $10.00 (USF) to:
Ray Savell, 5700 Newman Dr., Fort Worth, TX  76180

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In Loving Memory of My Sister

Sonya Savell-Jones

Sonya Savell-Jones

December 25, 1954 — January 17, 2001

Anyone who knew Sonya knows how much she loved Classic Southern Gospel Music. Her love of gospel harmony was the passion behind her “Rockin’ Gospel” cassette. Her preference for mixed voices is evident in her gospel recordings. She combined a quartet of experienced voices to fulfill her dream of producing an album of her Gospel favorites. Sonya called on dear friends John Gorski and Mike Bramlett, as well as a young tenor from church to sing with her and this amazing blend of talent provided her the harmony experience she loved so much.

Sonya had another reason she so desperately wanted to produce this album which very few people knew about. John Gorski was nearing the end of his long battle with cancer and Sonya was determined to get him into a recording studio for the first time in his life. After several trips to Lawton, OK and Dallas, TX for practice sessions, the quartet met at Christian World Recording Studio in Oklahoma City, OK and her dream became a reality.

What most people do know is that if Sonya made up her mind to do something, it got done.

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