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"MP3" Samples
Music Cued Title Artist/Cuer Stock #
Blue Moon Steve Holy / Sonya Savell SRD-2006
Close But No Guitar Toby Keith / Sonya Savell SRD-2002
Don't Make Me Beg Steve Holy / Sonya Savell SRD-2003
Rebecca Lynn Bryan White / Sonya Savell SRD-2000
Shamey Shame Sonya Savell SRD-2004
Warm and Fuzzy (Round) Sonya Savell SRD-2001
Warm and Fuzzy (Sing-Along) Sonya & Ray Savell SRD-2001
You Chris Young / Sonya Savell SRD-2007
You Don't You Won't Billy Gilman / Sonya Savell SRD-2005

Download Cuesheets
Title Phase Rhythm Cuesheet Quick Cue
Blue Moon IV+1 STS Blue Moon  pdf Blue Moon  pdf
Close But No Guitar II+1 TS Close But No Guitar  pdf Close But No Guitar  pdf
Don't Make Me Beg II+2 TS Don't Make Me Beg  pdf Don't Make Me Beg  pdf
Rebecca Lynn II+2 TS Rebecca Lynn  pdf Rebecca Lynn  pdf
Shamey Shame II+1 TS Shamey Shame  pdf Shamey Shame  pdf
Warm and Fuzzy II TS Warm and Fuzzy  pdf Warm and Fuzzy  pdf
You IV R/Cha You  pdf You  pdf
You Don't You Won't II TS You Don't You Won't  pdf You Don't You Won't  pdf

Download Lyrics
Music Title Artist Lyrics
Warm and Fuzzy (Sing Along) Sonya & Ray Savell   pdf

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