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I V Title Artist Stock # Price
Pardon Me    -CD / MP3 Only- John Hicks SR-702 $5.00
Poison Sugar Sue Liston SR-2001 $5.00
Polly Wally Doodle Wayne Morvent RMR-109 $5.00
Popeye Danny Payne RMR-2006 $5.00
Private Malone Jeff Holley RMR-2013 $5.00
Put Yourself In My Shoes Wayne Morvent RMR-101 $5.00
Rainbow Ride Wayne Morvent RMR-102 $5.00
Rockin' Pneumonia Wayne Morvent RMR-113 $5.00
Rocky Mountain High Mike & Sue Liston SR-104 $5.00
Rodeo Romeo John Hicks SR-701 $5.00
Shamey Shame    -CD / MP3 Only- Sonya Savell RMR-2014 $5.00
Shindig In The Barn John Blessing SR-101 $5.00
Sinatra Medley Jim Wass SR-502 $5.00
Sunny Side Wayne Morvent RMR-116 $5.00
Sweet City Woman    -CD / MP3 Only- Ken Kirby RMR-301 $5.00
Sweet Sweet Smile Deborah Parnell RMR-702 $5.00
Talkin' To Hank Doug Jernigan RMR-803 $5.00
Tequila Sheila    -CD / MP3 Only- John Blessing SR-102 $5.00
Then What Skip & Jennifer Cleland RMR-2002 $5.00
This Ain't My First Rodeo    -CD / MP3 Only- Wayne Morvent RMR-103 $5.00
Tonight We Just Might Fall In Love Again Wayne Morvent RMR-114 $5.00
Twilight Time Wayne Morvent RMR-111 $5.00
Waiting On The Light To Change Wayne Morvent RMR-104 $5.00
Warm And Fuzzy Sonya & Ray Savell RMR-2011 $5.00
Way Out West James Reid RMR-1001 $5.00
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve Jim Wass SR-2000 $5.00
When I'm With My Baby Doug Jernigan RMR-801 $5.00
Where The Sidewalk Ends Wayne Morvent / Sonya Savell RMR-120 $5.00
Who, What, Where, When, Why, How Wayne Morvent RMR-106 $5.00
Why Baby Why Glen Green RMR-501 $5.00
Written In Stone Bengt Geleff TJ-2001 $5.00
You've Got A Friend    -CD / MP3 Only- Nasser Shukayr RMR-304 $5.00

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